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We cover Central and South Texas including the hill country, Austin, and San Antonio!
Founded in 2005 San Antonio Paranormal Network is a team of Core and Reserve members that network with teams and professional ghost hunters all over the United States in an effort to bring respect and camaraderie to the paranormal field.  This team of  San Antonio Ghost Hunters is open minded and level headed. Several criteria must be met before labeling a place as active or haunted.
We do not use Ouija Boards or conduct Séances. We never charge for any paranormal investigation or support referrals. Our clients' are kept in strict confidence to protect their anonymity. We sign a nondisclosure agreement to ensure our clients' peace of mind. SAPN promotes public awareness and preservation of historical sites. We work with the community to help understand how paranormal investigations are conducted. Rest assured we would never sell investigative findings or make a mockery of our work or the paranormal field. If you or someone you know is experiencing unexplainable occurrences contact us, we can help. If you reside outside of Texas, we can help refer you to a professional and dedicated team.

The San Antonio Paranormal Network scientifically documents any claims of paranormal activity. We approach every case objectively on a case-to-case basis. Our team understands that paranormal phenomena may be an unsettling or taboo subject for some. Our focus is to help our clients understand what may be occurring. SAPN focuses on networking with other field investigators as an essential element in expanding our knowledge, resources, and studies on paranormal occurrences. We feel networking also provides our clients and team a network of support should any questions arise.
Our approach is not to prove a haunting, but simply document what may be the cause of reported activity. Our team will provide references upon request to assure our clients peace of mind. Case follow-ups are complete to assure client understanding. Each client is welcome to a copy of our findings and our team is always available for support. If SAPN finds your case requires special handling, please rest assure we have access to a range of dedicated professionals to assist you.


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